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Why Do My Teeth Feel So Sensitive?

Posted on 8/25/2016 by Allan Hablutzel
A woman suffering from sensitive teeth.If you just felt a sting from your teeth when eating or drinking something hot or cold, there is something you can do. Teeth sensitivity is a very common dental problem that over half of adults experience at some point. By strengthening your enamel, you can relieve the discomfort from hot or cold on your teeth.

Your Tooth Structure

To better understand why sensitivity is occurring, you have to understand the structure of your tooth. Your teeth are comprised of layers, the outermost layer is called enamel.

Enamel may appear to be a solid wall like surface, but if you were to examine it under a microscope you would see that your enamel is made up of many mineralized shards bunched tightly together. These shards are constantly breaking away and rebuilding. Under the layer of enamel is another hard layer called dentin.

Dentin is a very sensitive layer, it protects your root, by responding with pain. Dentin is made up of thousands of tiny tubular shaped walls forming your inner tooth structure. When hot or cold hits these tubes, it responds through your nerves with pain.

Why Would I Feel Pain?

Tooth sensitivity is a response when the enamel layer of your teeth has spots that have thinned, or when patient has gum disease and is experiencing gum recession as a result.

In both situations, working with your dentist can help with these dental disorders, they can provide fluoride if needed, they can starting the healing process of gum disease, or if your problem is as simple as an over the counter sensitive teeth toothpaste, your dentist can discuss these various treatments with you to alleviate your sensitivity.

Some pain responses are not as a result of thin enamel, but due to decay. Please contact us we can help you determine why you are feeling a reaction.

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