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Gaps Between Teeth Can Damage Your Overall Oral Health

Posted on 10/10/2017 by Allan Hablutzel
Gaps Between Teeth Pacific Ave. Dental WA 98337-1900
Gapped teeth is something that many Americans suffer from and it's a problem that most people are embarrassed about. Gaps are not aesthetically appealing and most people that suffer from gapped teeth have at least thought about having the issue corrected so that they do not have to deal with it any longer.

Not only are gapped teeth something of an eyesore, they can also lead to some pretty serious dental health issues as well that you'll need to have repaired in the future. While the chance of these health issues developing is small, getting gaps closed up should still be a priority for many patients and it's something that we help correct all the time with our other patients.

Misaligned Teeth

For many people gapped teeth are just that. They are teeth with some space between one another. This isn't pretty to look at and you may even be self-conscious about gaps in your teeth if you have them. Fortunately for many people, the issue isn't serious and you won't have to deal with any negative side-effects of a tooth gap.

For some people with a large enough gap, tooth alignment can be altered, leaving behind an irregular mouth that is very troublesome. When that happens, it's vital to take action to correct the gaps as soon as possible, to get the teeth back where they are supposed to be and to keep things nice and simple.

Bite Problems and Tooth Wear
Excessively gapped teeth can lead to misaligned teeth that can actually cause bite issues over time. If your teeth are out of alignment enough, you will end up having a poor bite that won't be very effective, and that will wear down your teeth faster than the standard bite model does.

That's why it's so important to look at methods to help realign your teeth properly. Taking action to get gaps cleared and your tooth alignment proper can help slow down irregular tooth wear and leave you with a more comfortable and healthy mouth over time.

Gapped teeth can actually lead to health concerns over time, even though right now your only concern is probably how the gaps appear. Consider coming into our office to learn what we can do for your gaps and you could be rid of them sooner than you might have expected.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (360) 373-3515 today.

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