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Is It Possible to Regenerate Gum Tissue?

Posted on 3/10/2018 by Allan Hablutzel
Gum Tissue Restoration Pacific Ave. Dental WA 98337-1900The gums are soft tissue that serves as protection to the teeth and underlying structure. A person can lose gum tissue for different reasons. The gum tissue can recede due to infections, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, tooth grinding or brushing with too much pressure.

Our gums are keratinized tissues that can stand the strong force of eating and chewing. It is designed to bind tightly to the bone and hold the teeth in place.

Methods Of Gum Tissue Restoration

Yes, gum tissue can still be restored through surgical procedures. They cannot grow back on their own once it started receding. There are procedures that can help such as grafting to restore gum tissue.

This is done, but removing a small portion of tissue on the roof of your mouth then it is transferred to the site of gum loss. Another is regeneration treatment. In this method, the affected site is surgically opened and cleaned. Then a protein matrix is applied to the tooth and this will facilitate in the growth of new tissue.

What Happens When You Have Receding Gum

When the gums recede, the roots of your teeth are exposed and space between your teeth and gum line may develop an infection.

This is a perfect entry for bacteria and if not managed, it can lead to more complications. This is actually a common issue. But since it happens very slowly, you might not notice it that much. Some of the symptoms include change in size of teeth. It is larger than before.

You will also experience sensitivity or pain when eating cold or hot foods. This is due to exposure of the roots. If you have observed some of these symptoms better visit us to have it further evaluated.

Loss of gum tissue can be treated nowadays. It starts with proper oral hygiene and regular check up. To learn more about the different methods of gum tissue restoration feel free to call us now or set an appointment.

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