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Dental Crown Lengthening

crown lengthening at Pacific Ave. Dental
A person with a gummy smile appears to have short teeth. They do not have a problem with the actual length of their teeth. Rather, the problem is that they have gums that extend too far. This problem can be fixed through dental crown lengthening. If your teeth appear to be too short, Pacific Ave. Dental is a world-class dentist and will provide you with options and information to help you achieve your smile goals.

What is Dental Crown Lengthening?

This is a type of dental surgery that periodontists and general dentists perform to expose most of the tooth. This procedure is performed to remove some of the gum tissue and sometimes bone to expose more of the tooth's surface. The procedure is done when a person has excess bone and gum tissue covering most of the teeth. Dental crown lengthening can also be done to prepare the mouth for cosmetic or restorative procedures or to improve the health of the gum tissue. This treatment can be done on the whole gum line, many teeth, or a single tooth, exposing an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What Happens During a Crown Lengthening Procedure?

Before you get a crown lengthening operation done, you need to have a pre-op examination. Then your periodontist will place a temporary crown on the tooth which gives visual reference on what the final product will look like. During actual crown lengthening surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic. In some cases, a little bone around the tooth base needs to be removed to adjust the crown height. Incisions are made to loosen periodontal tissue and it is pulled back from the teeth. After surgery, the area affected is washed with sterile salt water and dental bandages or sutures are used to help the gums to heal. Your dentist will give you a special mouthwash to use post-op and pain relief medication.

Is Crown Lengthening Painful?

Normally, the procedure is done when the patient is under local anesthesia but sometimes, a sedative may be administered as well. Therefore, any discomfort or pain during the dental procedure is minimal. Nevertheless, once the anesthesia wears off, you may feel some pain. The oral surgeon prescribes special mouth rinses and pain relievers to help reduce any discomfort.

How Long Does a Crown Lengthening Procedure Take?

Unlike other dental treatments, dental crown lengthening is not a one-time appointment. The whole process can take a few months from the first appointment to full recovery. You need to first visit your dentist to review your x-rays and then plan the surgery. The procedure duration depends on the number of teeth involved. If there is more tissue that is required to be removed, then the procedure will take longer. After the procedure, it takes about seven to 10 days to remove stitches. It takes about three months for the gums to heal.

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