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Dental Crown Bremerton, WA

Dental Crowns at Pacific Ave Dental in Bremerton, WashingtonOur team at Pacific Ave. Dental, Family Dentistry, can repair teeth that have broken, cracked, worn, severely decayed, or weakened from a Root Canal, giving you a healthy smile, with dental crowns. Dr. Hablutzel can improve your look and function with the placement of a dental crown.

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What is a Dental Crown?

Sometimes referred to as a cap, a dental crown fits over your natural tooth structure, fully encasing it. There are many advantages to a dental crown including:
•  Crowns provide strength to a tooth that has been weakened following root canal therapy.
•  Crowns restore teeth that have cracked or fractured.
•  Crowns restore teeth that have been damaged due to bruxism, including worn or flattened.
•  Crowns can enhance the beauty of teeth that are uneven, gapped, or discolored.

Crowns are designed to function as your natural tooth would, they fit snugly on a tooth and cemented in place. Crowns protect the tooth from any further damage and will preserve your jaw's correct natural alignment.

What are Crowns made of?

When choosing your dental crown, there are several options. The most common materials include: gold, porcelain fused to metal, or all-porcelain crowns. Increasingly, we are seeing ceramic crowns increase in popularity. Zirconia ceramic crowns has become a highly popular choice. To maintain a beautiful, and fully white smile, we recommend ceramic crowns for your front, more visible, teeth. With our precise color matching, Dr. Hablutzel can find the right shade to blend with your natural tooth color. Depending on the restoration work that needs to be done, we can design, fit, and place your crowns in just two office visits.

Other Uses for Dental Crowns

Besides the repair of a single tooth, there are other restorations that can be made using a dental crown. We can:
•  Design a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge uses two dental crowns to serve as anchors for a false tooth between. This option is for the replacement of a missing tooth.
•  Place over a Dental Implant. When a tooth is missing, we can replace the root with a dental implant. Implants are a titanium device that looks similar to a screw which is then placed directly into the jawbone. Once healed, we place a dental crown over the Implant, for a permanent replacement of a missing tooth.

What are the costs of a dental crown?

The costs of dental crowns can vary. It will depend on several factors including the material you choose, the prep work that needs to be done, and what your insurance is willing to cover. Our front office staff is happy to review the costs with you based on those factors. We are also have to discuss other options as needed.

What are the Benefits of a Crown?

There are many benefits of getting a dental crown, including the following:
•  Improving the appearance of your smile
•  Restoring a damaged tooth
•  Protecting a weak tooth from breaking
•  Covering a tooth that has had root canal treatment
•  Holding together parts of a cracked tooth

How Is a Crown Put on a Tooth?

The process of getting a dental crown usually takes place over two visits to our clinic. Our dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown during the first visit. This involves removing any damaged or decayed tissue and shaping the tooth so the crown can be placed over it. Once your tooth has been prepared, our dentist will take an impression of your tooth, which will be used to create your custom crown. A temporary crown will then be placed over your tooth.
During the second visit, our dentist will replace the temporary crown with your permanent one. The permanent crown will be checked for fit and then cemented into place. You will be given care instructions following your treatment. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your crown lasts for many years.

How Much Tooth Is Needed for a Crown?

The amount of tooth needed for a crown depends on the type of crown you are getting. Less tooth is needed for porcelain and ceramic crowns because the crown can be made thinner. For metal crowns, more tooth is needed because the crown is thicker.

Do Dental Crowns Hurt?

Dental crowns should not hurt. During the procedure, you may feel pressure on your tooth, but you should not feel any pain. If you experience pain during the procedure, please let our dentist know so they can adjust how they are doing the procedure.

Call Today to Learn More!

Crowns can be a significant improvement for the health of your teeth. For more information on dental crowns, contact Allan Hablutzel, DDS at our Bremerton, WA 98337 location. (360) 373-3515

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