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Dental Emergency

A woman having a dental emergency at Pacific Ave. Dental.When a dental emergency takes place, it is important to be prepared and take the right steps. Knowing what to can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. At Pacific Ave. Dental, we set aside time for emergency procedures. Dr. Hablutzel has the training and expertise to identify a dental emergency, and eliminate or reduce pain within a few minutes. Regardless of your situation, getting your injury treated and repaired as soon as possible is always the best thing to do. The following tips will help you manage your emergency.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth requires immediate medical attention. If you take the appropriate steps, the chances are high that your tooth can be reinserted and preserved by Dr. Hablutzel. Ideally, we want to schedule an emergency appointment within one hour of the incident.

When a tooth is knocked out, be sure be sure to pick it up by the crown—never touch the roots of the tooth. Rinse the tooth off very gently, but do not scrub the tooth or remove any remaining tissue. If possible, gently place the tooth back into the socket. You can hold it in place by delicately biting down. If this is not possible, we suggest placing the tooth in a glass of milk, saliva, or water. You can also store the tooth in between your cheek and gums. The most important thing to do is keep the tooth moist.

Dr. Hablutzel will try to re-implant the tooth as soon as possible. This may be more complicated if your tooth or bone is broken. If your tooth remains intact, Dr. Hablutzel will use a splint to hold it in place for several days. If the bone around the tooth is not fractured, the root will usually reattach in about three or four weeks. Severely damaged areas could take up to eight weeks. If the tooth cannot be saved, Pacific Ave. Dental offers some restorative treatments to provide a discrete and reliable replacement.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

If a tooth is chipped, but there is no pain, you can usually wait a few days to see a dentist. Be careful when chewing food as it may cause a larger chip. If the chip is minor, we may be able to smooth it out. For larger chips, we can bond resin composite material to the tooth to restore its shape and function.

A cracked or fractured tooth is a much more serious issue. A fracture usually suggests that damage has occurred on the inside of the tooth as well. Severe fractures can be so damaging that we may not be able to save the tooth.

If you experience a fracture, be sure to gently rinse your mouth out with warm water. You can take acetaminophen to alleviate any pain. If you have facial trauma, you can apply a cold compress to minimize swelling. We may need to take an x-ray to see the extent of the damage. If the pulp is unaffected, you may only need a dental crown. If your pulp is damaged, you may need a root canal.

If You Have a Dental Emergency

Injuries to the mouth, cheeks, and lips, such as puncture wounds and lacerations, also constitute dental emergencies. If you think you may have a dental emergency, please call (360) 373-3515 immediately.
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Dental Emergency Bremerton, WA | Pacific Ave. Dental
At Pacific Ave. Dental in Bremerton Wa, we set aside time for emergency procedures. Dr. Hablutzel has the training and expertise to identify a dental emergency...
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