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Gum Disease Bremerton, WA

Caring for Gum Disease at Pacific Ave. Dental in Bremerton, Washington 98337Dr. Hablutzel along with his dental team, can eliminate disease and help you maintain healthy gums through prophy and education. Gum disease is increasingly prevalent in adults. A majority of adults in the US are experiencing some level of gum disease which will lead to larger problems and can even affect your overall wellness. Studies have shown that heart disease and diabetes both have connections to the health of your periodontal tissue, known as gum disease. We invite you to let our team at Pacific Ave. Dental care for your gums and educate you on keeping a healthy mouth.

Patients who have been diagnosed with one of the three stages of periodontal disease should no longer expect to receive a standard professional cleaning when they visit the dentist, rather, they may need a more invasive and intensive cleaning to remove harmful bacteria and restore gum health. Most adult cleanings include some level of scaling to remove harmful bacteria. Patients with advanced periodontal disease may need extensive gum surgery to restore their oral health. We can help with your periodontal maintenance giving you a healthy smile.

What is periodontal treatment and maintenance?

Periodontal is a dental term that refers to the soft gum tissue in your mouth. This tissue serves an important role in providing stability for your teeth. When this tissue becomes infected it will form pockets that will break the bond between the tissue and teeth, causing damage.

Periodontal treatment is a dental procedure that Dr. Hablutzel’s hygienist performs involving two techniques known as scaling and root planing. This can also be referred to as a Deep Cleaning.

Periodontal maintenance, or PMP, is recommended following periodontal treatment and continues at varying intervals, determined by Dr. Hablutzel and his hygienist. We may ask to see you as often as monthly, or every three months, or every six months depending on the severity. Keeping up you're your PMP is important because periodontal disease can recur without adequate follow up.

Your PMP appointment will include the removal of any plaque, debris, or tartar above and below the gums, scaling and root planing of specific areas, and polishing. PMP is always completed following active periodontal treatment such as scaling and root planing or more extensive gum surgery.

What is the scaling and root planing process?

The scaling and root planing procedure is a specific type of treatment that goes between the gum tissue and the tooth to remove infected debris and bacteria. When the gums become infected, we need to remove the source of the infection. This procedure is most often performed on patients with active periodontitis, which is a majority of our adult patients.

A standard professional dental cleaning or prophy removes only the soft sticky plaque and hard crusty calculus that is found above the gum line on the crown of the tooth. Through the deep cleaning, scaling and root planing process, we can remove bacteria filled soft sticky plaque and hard crusty calculus from around and below the gum line on your root surfaces. It is a method of treating gum disease when pockets formed around the teeth have a measurement of greater than 3mm and there is evidence of bleeding and tissue attachment loss.

1. Scaling: This portion of the procedure meticulously removes any contaminated or infected biofilm, plaque, calculus, microorganisms, or toxins from around the gum line down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket. By removing the source of the infection, we are working to obtain a healing response.
2. Root Planing: This portion of the procedure involves smoothing the root surfaces of your teeth. We use a thin instrument to complete this. By smoothing the roots, your gum tissue can more firmly reattach to roots that are clean and smooth to prevent tooth loss and sensitivity problems. Additionally, this procedure makes it more difficult for plaque, calculus, and bacteria to accumulate in the future along these root surfaces.

Some patients find this process uncomfortable, so numbing may be necessary. We may ask to see you for additional appointments or to see you more frequently while trying to get a handle on this disease. Depending on the extent of the disease, you may need one or more quadrants of the mouth to be treated with scaling and root planing.

Why do I need a deep cleaning?

At Pacific Ave. Dental, we may recommend a deep cleaning for the following reasons:
•  To remove harmful bacteria from below the gum line. Bacteria below the gum is more destructive and dangerous to the health of your teeth.
•  To help your pocket wall attach more firmly to the clean root surface. This will also help create a pocket depth that a patient can better maintain at home.
•  To stop further bleeding of the gums when flossing and brushing.
•  To reduce inflammation of your gums.
•  To reduce any pain or discomfort of your gums.
•  To prevent bone loss or damage.
•  To prevent gum disease related tooth loss.
•  To prevent or reduce other systemic diseases.

Periodontal treatment and maintenance is just one part of your gum care. How you care for your teeth and gums at home after treatment is critical to reduce the risk of recurrent periodontal disease. For more information contact Allan Hablutzel, DDS, at our Bremerton, WA 98337 office today by calling us at (360) 373-3515.

We can answer your questions about gum disease and show you ways to prevent and treat it.

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