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Tooth Filling Bremerton, WA

Dental Fillings at Pacific Ave Dental in Bremerton, WashingtonRestoration using dental fillings is a common dental procedure. Using a tooth-colored blend of quartz and resin, Dr. Hablutzel is able to make small repairs when teeth are damaged from decay,and repair teeth that have been cracked, chipped or fractured. This dental filling material, known as composite, is not only used to restore teeth, but also for cosmetic improvements, we can change the color of a patient’s teeth or reshape disfigured teeth.

At Pacific Avenue Dental, Family Dentistry, we can restore your teeth with dental fillings using a material that aesthetically blends in with the color of your teeth. This simple procedure can repair damage, provide additional strength, and improve your beauty and function.

What Are Composite Fillings?

The material we use to make simple repairs is known as Composite Filling. It is a blend of quartz and resin that can be shaded to match the color of your teeth. When first applied, this material is soft and moldable, similar in texture to a dough. Dr. Hablutzel is able to manipulate the filling material into any shape as needed. It is then hardened using a specialized light, making for a strong hold. We love this material, it has come a long way over the years in look, durability and strength. We believe you will love it too, composite filling has been a huge benefit to dentistry because:
•  Composite filling is able to be colored to match the natural color of your teeth, helping it blend in and be nearly invisible.
•  Composite filling can withstand high chewing pressure. In the past, dentists have not recommended it for molars because it was not as strong as amalgam (silver fillings), but the product we use today is much stronger and more durable.
•  Composite filling is able to adhere to your tooth enamel, which amalgam is not, so we can remove less of the natural tooth structure when placing.
•  Composite fillings adhere to the tooth, which provides additional structural stability to the tooth, vs. amalgam which simply rests where it is placed on the tooth.

When would I need a repair done with Composite Filling?

We use composite filling to make simple repairs. This may include filling cavities after the removal of decay, repairing chips or fractures, and making small adjustments, such as filling in gaps, or reshaping a tooth as needed. Making small cosmetic adjustments is known as Composite Bonding or Aesthetic Bonding. This process is fast, easy, and can be very durable, it will not have the strength of a dental crown, but is considerably cheaper and should last several years.

What is the cost?

The prices for composite filling repairs will vary, but is often covered by most insurances. Dr. Hablutzel, and his front office staff, are happy to discuss the costs with you based on the procedure you are having done and what your insurance is willing to pay.

Composite filling is a wonderful tool for repairing your teeth. We are happy to discuss its advantages with you. For more information, contact Allan Hablutzel, DDS at our Bremerton, WA 98337 location. (360) 373-3515

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